Writing, directing One Acts

Tj Jones ’21 and Sam Kolb ’20 perform together in the one act “Into the Poppy Fields,” written by Matthew Merchant ’20.

   Every year, the Heritage Theatre hosts One Acts, the one chance students have to direct their own show. What some people don’t know is that sometimes students write their own act as well as directing it. This year the student written One Acts include Live Studio Audience by Andre Knapp ’19 and Sebastian Barry ’19, You and Me and Larry by Eden Farr ’19, and Into the Poppy Fields by Matthew Merchant ’20.

   Eden Farr is a veteran to writing One Acts, so she decided to challenge herself this year by writing a musical.

   “I figured that this was my last opportunity to have a stage, tech and cast at my disposal to practically do whatever I could come up with and after the success of the One Act I wrote last year, Jazzercise Surprise!, I wanted to try to challenge myself even more. I decided to further my own limits as a writer and director was to try to write an actual musical. My show is a musical and it has fully composed original music with lyrics by me and the composition by Rylan Montoya,” says Farr.

   The new writers this year are also having fun filling the role of director.

   “We wanted to bring our own ideas to the table and make our One Act personal to our theatre. My favorite thing is having creative freedom. This is the only production of the year students get to decide everything about their production,” says Knapp.

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