Why settle for normal?

Someone working a regular job thinks about their real goals in life. Life isn’t always about working in the normal field, sometimes it's worth being happier than financially stable.

It’s normal to apply for a job at your local grocery store but out of the ordinary to produce music, act in something big like a movie, or even create a piece of art that could sell for thousands of dollars.

Those are just some examples of jobs that most people are struggling to accomplish as a profession. Most of the time those same people give up and end up having the life they didn’t set themselves up for, working somewhere they hate for years.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people who have achieved their dream jobs and are living the life they envisioned. Those people found the right motivation to keep on working towards their dreams, but why can’t we all have that motivation? Why can’t we all have that chance at our dreams and actually come out winning?

It’s the type of people out there that say it’s unrealistic to even try to do something way out there. Way out there as in being unique and expressing the type of people we can be. They don’t even want you to try and see where it will go, they actually want to see you fail or even just be a normal person working at that grocery store.

Everyone should be able to have their own chance at finding the dream jobs they want to spend life doing. Being happy should be a choice that we all have as human beings. No one has a right to take that away from us as individuals. 

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