What students and staff think about Online Learning

 Online learning is something that is very new to most people at Heritage including teachers and staff. It has taken patience and communication from everyone. It is a learning experience that everyone is going through. There are a lot of pros and cons to when it comes to online learning.

   “I like being able to work from my room and not have to get out of bed to do my school work. But I feel like there’s not enough teacher and peer interaction. I want to see my friends and teachers more,” explains Jaeda D. ’20.

   Every student has different opinions about what is going on and online learning itself. 

   “I get there is work that has to be done but I feel like a lot of the seniors have no motivation. We are all sad and the teachers just give us large assignments at once and then we have to manage and prioritize them. It just makes it hard. Also if our day is so short I wish we started at 9,” says Raegan B. ’20.

   The teachers and staff have been working hard to make sure everything goes smoothly and every student gets what they need. 

    “I will be forever grateful for the time and effort, the guidance and the leadership that Ms. Riendeau, the AdTeam and the District put into making it happen,” says Ms. Rickard, English Teacher.

   Online learning has been making the best of a difficult situation since students and staff can’t be at school during this time. 

   “I feel probably most sad and most disappointed not to be with my seniors.  It is hard to see them miss the rites of passage that come with being a senior, hard not to be in class with them and to listen to their ideas and hear what they are thinking,” explains Ms. Rickard.

Emily S. ’21 works on her school and homework for the day as she sits in her bed.

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