Welcoming back or scaring away

Upperclassmen from HHS represent their school. Photo by: Emma Kasahara ’17

Coming back from summer, freshmen learn where their new classes are, and also that seniors run the school. The Welcome Back Dance finalizes this first week of school.

Students at Heritage High School come dressed up in all ways, from firefighters to normal school attire. Freshmen Isabelle Hurst, from Euclid Middle School, had been planning on attending since she heard about it.

“I knew what to expect, but once I got there, it was still a surprise,” says Hurst.

Mikaela Zinn ‘15 enjoys the Welcome Back Dance and has gone three out of four years.

“I thought everyone there was stupid,” says Zinn, reflecting on her first year attending the dance.

Ms. Kristi Brethauer, the Head of Student Government, was impressed with the overall behavior, dress and dance.

“Overall, we’ve done a much better job of making the freshmen feel welcome,” says Brethauer.

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