Virtual Spirit Week Success

Starting April 13, Heritage High School had its first-ever virtual spirit week. The idea came from Heritage’s leadership class after they were inspired by seeing other schools doing something similar. The idea was to get Heritage students re-motivated and involved even through the COVID-19 pandemic. Mila K. ’20, a student in Heritage’s leadership class, talks about the goal of the virtual spirit week.

“We had been looking for a way to bring the community of Heritage together through these tough times. We thought this would be fun and give people something different to do every day,” says Mila.

After a lot of busy planning and advertising on social media and other platforms, leadership had a great virtual spirit week ahead. From Music Monday to Fancy Friday, a great Virtual Spirit Week was ahead. Eden U. ’21 was happy to see virtual spirit week happening and excited to participate.

“I think my favorite part was getting to see some of my friends in a way I normally see them. They were all dressed up and having fun and I just felt closer to everyone,” says Eden.

When the virtual spirit week was all over, the Heritage community was brought closer together, happier, and feeling more whole. 

“I think the virtual spirit week had a great impact on the students and community of Heritage. I honestly did not expect as many people to buy in and participate as did. It was so cool that more and more people posted what they were up to each day and it was even cooler to see the teachers that got so into it posting every day. I think it is hard to stay home and away from people for such a long time that this was a great way to bring everyone together as a community and be together somehow even if we couldn’t be together physically,” says Mila.

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