Vending machines at Heritage make no sense

   Vending machines are a poor substitute for the cafeteria. The vending machines are rarely used unless the cafeteria is closed, and are in no way an appropriate trade-off. There are very few healthy options and while that seems appealing to many, it should not be the only option for adolescents. The cafeteria is closed during the day, during second hour, advisory and seventh. During those times the alternative is to purchase food from the vending machines. One major problem is that few people carry cash at school. On top of that, the vending machines don’t have any provisions for those with free or reduced lunches and the prices aren’t friendly as it is. For example, at the vending machines closest to the main entrance, the only item able to be purchased for a dollar is canned, flavored, carbonated water, which many teachers don’t allow in their classrooms. Regular bottled water is over a dollar. Therefore the school vending machines are encouraging the consumption of this flavored carbonated water over regular water, which is the healthiest option. The cafeteria is far superior to the vending machines at Heritage. 

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