Trip to Hawaii for Biology Students

IDPLMAL Physical science and biology teacher April Idar as well as the Jeffco School Board and Golden High School, organize a trip to Hawaii in June for students called the Big Island Marine Science course. Students must complete a full year of biology with a 90% or higher before the trip and must be picked by the instructor.

  It’s a two week trip in the summer, and students have to complete labs and assignments that relate to the ecosystem of Hawaii. Lectures are given in the morning and then students will have lab activities such as studying coral or fish underwater or studying the volcanoes of Hawaii. Students have composition books to take notes in that will be turned in at the end for a grade.

  Idar taught at Chatfield High School where they recruited her into the program. She liked it enough that when she started teaching at Heritage, it was a big goal for her to get the program started. She then talked to administration who approved it. Idar is also trying to get this approved by the district for science credit.

   Students at Jeffco schools that take this course earn a semester science credit.

  As Idar states, “I’m trying to get it approved by our administration so students at Heritage will earn a semester science credit since it is very academically rigorous.”

  Students would have to complete the course successfully to earn credit for this course.

  “The students who take this are working 24/7 for two weeks, and there is a midterm and a final,” she says.

  Students who took the course last year have the option of going on the trip again to be more of an instructor. They can also get their diving certification.

  Megan Deevy ‘20 who went on this trip last year, reflects, “doing what I love in a place I love hat has so much beauty and learning within it is truly amazing.” After the trip, students get together for a reunion dinner to reconnect with their peers in Hawaii.

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