Trail Showcases Snakes

Trail teaches others about Hydra, a gopher snake.

Marleena Trail ’16 has always loved snakes. A few years ago she joined the Zoological Discovery Center, run by Mrs. Karen Green. Now she is a junior board member and they have turned a small business into a major exhibit. Currently she travels around Colorado introducing people to the wonder and beauty of reptiles.

“She has become a valuable member of the team and a friend.” states Green.

 Many people are afraid of snakes, but Marleena thinks otherwise.

“Fear is learned. We are not born afraid of snakes, but rather we learn to hate these amazing creatures.” she says.

Part of her job at the ZDC is to help people understand snakes. She teaches small children how soft and friendly they are and teaches adults how they are not dangerous unless threatened.

“90% of people who report getting bitten by a snake were bitten while trying to kill the snake,” says Trail.

Recently she volunteered at an event called “Supper with the Snakes.” Guests were invited to eat dinner and learn about snakes. Afterwards, Trail carried the snakes around and introduced them to people.

Trail also helped capture rattlesnakes for a tag and release operation. Many details are classified to prevent people from messing with the snakes.

“I feel that Marleena’s greatest strength is her drive to learn more. She is always asking questions and trying to learn all she can about the animals.” says Green.

Her favorite snakes are Hydra, a gopher snake, Alina, a dumerils boa, and Cal, a rosy boa.

The ZDC has roughly 50 animal ambassadors, including lizards, turtles and scorpions, though snakes are her favorite animal.

“I understand that not everyone can love snakes as much as I do, but you can learn to respect what they do.” says Trail.

A friendly snake.


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