Track and Field hosts Liberty Bell amid exciting season

Michael Beck ’21 runs in an event at the Liberty Bell meet. Beck had a strong individual performance as he is pictured leading the pack above.

Every year around the end of April, Heritage hosts a huge track meet with about 40 schools participating. Organizing the event this year is the head track coach Mr. Tyler Knoblock, from the Physical Education Department. The meet was held on April 27 after school and April 28 during most of the day.

Ms. Jill McCormick from the Math Department ran the event in the past. She emphasizes the need to prepare and be ready for any circumstances. The organizer especially has to be aware of the weather conditions.

“One time the wind picked up a tent and blew it across the track,” McCormick recalls.

“Mentally I’m really excited because [the event] was canceled last year,” comments Braxton Sorenson ’18.

Sorenson is happy with how he has progressed in his training and is optimistic about the meet.

Knoblock is organizing the event according to the format used in past years.

“I do a good job of delegating things between coaching staff, parents and the Athletic Department. It’s all taken care of,” comments Knoblock.

According to McCormick, Heritage has performed best during the individual events in the past years. Knoblock’s goal for this year is very simple.

“I hope a lot of athletes find great success. I’m just trying to make it as good a representation of our program as possible,” he says.

Knoblock’s goal speaks for the purpose of the event itself. It’s meant to represent Heritage and encourage athletes to do their best.

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