Total Wellness club takes off

Photo by Max Ching

   Revitalize Club is a thing of last year. This year, members and sponsors are calling the club “Total Wellness Club.” It demonstrates one way the Heritage community attempts to expand the general health of the students and staff.

   The club meets every Friday morning to gain back some energy and de-stress. They do mild yoga, meditate and sometimes take walks through nature to reset. Senior Floren Kahan, who has been a member for almost a year, talks about how it provides a break to herself and others from the chaotic school week.

   “Especially with the rise in anxiety and depression in students, it’s very important to be more mindful and more present,” says Kahan.

   This is the exact reason Mrs. Roybal, the club sponsor, wanted to start the club. She hopes her room, decorated with string lights and colorful yoga mats, provides those who attend a calm space to reset.

   “We wanted students to have a built-in way or a place to come to help de-stress, to help learn coping skills,” says Roybal.

   Her goal is to assist in destressing teachers and students alike throughout this year. Both Mrs. Roybal and the members hope to bring in more students to share the experience of achieving total wellness.

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