Theatre takes control of outside and virtual productions

Ensemble members Avery D, Marissa S, Emma M, John B, and Kathleen A prepare for an entrance. The fall play, The Election opens this fall.

This year theatre productions look a bit different. Most people would think that there would be a cancellation of the productions this time around, but the theatre team has been working on new ways to keep everything the same with a twist. 

“We are doing as much theatre as they can in person or virtually,” Theatre Director Ms. Kate Willers says. 

The plan is to have a show outside and to have some filmed plays that can be put on the Heritage website. 

Nothing will be more of a challenge for the theatre team. For Willers it’s a shift in trying to do the same things she does in person, but online. She tries to make the best out of everything, which everyone is trying to do.

“We just want to have a great community of theatre people who are still able to see each other and create awesome stuff,” Willers says. 

Even when things can get frustrating it’s always better to create a positive environment.

With less staff this time around it doesn’t create any problems that can’t be fixed. Willers has her assistant, Tech Director Mrs. Kathy Harris.

Without Heritage’s normal theatre being used, attendance will probably be less. No worry to the theatre lovers out there, most of the productions will be filmed to let more of an audience get the chance to watch.

“I like the new way of making productions for the public because it lets a lot of our crew heads and actors be more creative in finding ways to still make an awesome show,” Stage Manager Emma B ’22 says. 

Emma has a different point of view on how challenging creating and showing the productions will be. Since there are chances of the school shutting down due to Covid-19, her team needs to be able to work around the unexpected delays and the new communication styles. 

She feels the same way about not many people attending the in-person shows, but she believes that more people will watch the ones that are put online. 

“Especially if people live farther away from Heritage,” says Emma.

Upcoming HHS theatre productions include the fall play – The Election: October 22, 23, 24, and Heritage Has Talent: November 19.

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