The Road to MAD Week

One of the sponsors and a leader of Community Relations.
One of the leaders of Community Relations.
Mrs. Allison Smith sponsors the club


MAD Week is an annual event that is planned and run by the Community Relations Club. The president is Gabi Ahles ’18 and the Vice President is Ellie Callahan ’18. Its sponsors are Mrs. Allison Smith from the Language Arts Department, Mrs. Jaclyn Peach from the Social Studies Department and Mrs. Jessica Ferris from the Science Department. The club meets every Thursday after school from 2:30 p.m. to about 3:30. This year’s MAD Week is April 13 through April 20. The cause is Sierra Leone, but there is no further information. MAD Week is an opportunity for students to unify and give back to the community that has given so much to them.

“It really is student led,” Callahan emphasizes.

Once the cause is decided, the club divides into separate committees for each event. Each committee is overseen by a chair, and the project as a whole is overseen by the club’s officers. According to Smith, this allows each student ownership of the end result, instead of top tier ownership. The goal is to have every member involved in planning.

“We are all involved in different ways,” Callahan confirms.

Before the actual planning starts, the cause must be decided. In order to submit their non profit organization, the proposition-er must show a five to ten minute presentation to the entire Community Relations club. After the presentation finishes, there is a period of time open for questions. Once all of the propositions have been heard, the club chooses their top three. The top three are then put out for the entire school to vote on.

“We open it up to the entire Littleton community,” says Smith, highlighting the importance of unity in the entire process.

MAD week is planned in order to create a spirit of unity and giving back to the community.

“[The goal is] creating a school climate for this one week that is unifying and empowering,” Smith comments.

Student government has some involvement as well, with the student-staff basketball game and raffle. Thus, MAD week is designed around inclusiveness. Every event has the unique energy put into it by each student.

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