The Risky Business of a Materialistic World

   In modern times, materialism often outweighs what is really important in life. 

   People often feel that they need to present themselves a certain way in order to be happy or feel accomplished. This appearance often relies on the quality of your clothes, car and technology. This societal expectation has had a major effect on how people spend their time and money.

   In the past, I have spent too much time shopping. I would browse the internet in my free time for cheap clothes that fit my style. When my friends and I got bored we’d go to the mall or Target. Because of our society, we automatically turn to material goods to fill our time.

   Recently, I have had to cut back on spending in order to pay for necessities. This has made me realize how much time I have wasted trying to “better” myself through what I’d buy. I used to think that if I had one more pair of jeans or shoes, then people would think better of me. In reality, no one really looks at your appearance and judges you based on how “nice” you look. Most often, people are too focused on themselves to take the time to judge someone else.

   The more thought I have given to this situation, the more I believe that the root of our problems is capitalism. The ideal that one has to buy the “right” brands is based off the competition between brands. No brand is really better than another, yet we think that they are based on labels and their reputation. I don’t actually like Jeeps or Louis Vuitton high heels, and yet I still crave them because other people think they’re cool.

   It comes down to human nature that people want to prove their worth, and capitalism feeds and enforces that idea.

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