The “OK Boomer” Phenomenon

   Unless you’ve been off of social media for several months, you know of the phrase “OK Boomer,” coined by young people as a way of dismissing an older person’s outdated opinion. This, hence the name, mostly applies to America’s oldest: the Baby Boomers.

   To be clear: one does not have to be an actual Baby Boomer to be considered a “Boomer” in this context. In the context of “OK Boomer,” a “Boomer” is anyone with an outdated and ignorant message.

   As the phrase starts to lose momentum, I want to take a moment and reflect on the revolution of sorts that it helped build.

   In my opinion, “OK Boomer” wasn’t just a passing meme. It was a method used by young people to empower ourselves over the demeaning and ignorant tactics that older generations use to criticize us.

   For example: if somebody were to Tweet “It was Adam and Eve not Adam and STEVE,” somebody would reply with “OK Boomer,” not even granting the aggressor the knowledge that they ruffled feathers, simply acknowledging that this person had spoken, but that their words meant next to nothing, not even enough for a fully thought-out response.

   This phrase made said Boomers call ageism. Many of them huffed and puffed and complained even more about young people… only to receive more “OK Boomer”s.

   I started to see a commonality appear: we didn’t care what these people had to say. And so many people not caring at the same time empowered us to rise above the unnecessary bias toward young people’s progressive lifestyle and take control of the narrative.

   In no way am I saying that productive discourse is not worth seeing the light of day, or that young people should dismiss all other opinions. I am simply saying that people who refuse to accept that the world has changed don’t deserve to have their outdated opinions in constructive discussion, because it is not constructive.

   This criticism will never stop. Some older people don’t want to accept that the world is changing, and that it is our future to control, not theirs. 

   So, next time you run into somebody being ignorant, let them. They won’t change, so don’t give them the satisfaction of thinking they changed you.

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