The Heritage community works on its New Year’s resolutions

Heritage junior Zach S. has a renewed focus on grades this year. He hopes to focus more on his academics to improve his future in football.

From events like insurrection at the capitol, to vaccinations beginning to be distributed, and even a possibility of a Dolly Parton statue in Tennessee, Heritage students have felt it necessary to stop and think about how they want to accomplish their goals this year amidst the madness. 

   Heritage junior Zach Schilliday reflects on his New Year’s resolutions for 2021. 

   “This year I want to focus on my grades more. I play football for the school, so I’ve been really focused on that these past two years. Junior year is the time when you really want to start focusing on your grades since that’s when college stuff starts,” Shilliday says.

   He also outlines his methods for how he plans to improve his grades.

   “As boring as it may sound, focusing more on my grades and less on my social life, free time, stuff like that, will benefit me. Obviously, I want to hang out with my friends and chill as much as I can, but with stuff like Covid-19 going on it’s a good way to take more time for my academics,” he says. 

   Schilliday also describes his reasoning for his New Year’s resolution for 2021.

   “With colleges looking at me for football, I really want to make a good impression on recruiters. A low GPA is going to do nothing but lower my chances of getting into a good college, so a focus on grades right now should hopefully help a lot.”

   Heritage sophomore Katie Teklits also weighed in on her goals for the New Year.

   “This year I want to focus on slowing down. Appreciating every little moment has been difficult over the past year, but in 2021 I want it to be different. With all the crazy stuff going on in the world I think it’s a really good idea to just stop and be thankful for everything, despite all the hardships.”

   Teklits describes her reasoning as to why she wishes to show more gratitude towards life in 2021. 

   “Life has a lot of ups and downs, but along the way there’s also special moments. It might seem cheesy, but I think stopping to appreciate the little things that make our days better can really help our mental health.”

   Teklits explains how she’ll achieve her plans this year.

   “It seems weird, but I think starting to meditate will be a good way to do all of this. You don’t really focus on much when you meditate, besides well, meditating. It’s a good way to free up some time to think about everything you’re blessed with, and show some gratitude towards life.” 

   2020 may have been a poor year, but it seems the general consensus is that 2021 will be a substantial improvement, especially if the time and effort is put in.

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