Tattered Cover Starts New Teen Book Club

A Book Club at Tattered Cover read "Ready Player, One" together. Heritage students are still able to join, if interested.

Tattered Cover bookstore, the biggest indie bookstore in Colorado, looks for more ways to unite the community during the pandemic. Already in place at multiple locations were book clubs, such as fiction, nonfiction, and other specialized book clubs. At the Aspen Grove location, the two main book clubs were a fiction and nonfiction group. The third and newest club is a teen book group.

The teen book club is a great addition to Aspen Grove and to the bookstore as a whole. With the pandemic, teens have not been able to be in any sort of communities or groups. The club can help solve this with having interactions on a monthly basis with other teens. The book club is structured not to be like school where teens would feel bad if they did not read. It is utilized to create an open community to talk about books and reading while creating new friendships. 

During the pandemic, there’s been a spike for book clubs around communities since it can be done over the computer with Zoom and Google Meets. Manager Portia Graf who runs the three book clubs at Aspen Grove sees the importance of starting a new book club now. 

“There’s a huge market for book clubs right now. People want to connect with one another,” Graf says. 

The teen book club had their first meeting over the book Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, on Sunday February 21. There were a few people in the first meeting which is a good start to hopefully getting more members. The club will meet every third Sunday of the month. The next meeting will be March 21st discussing the book I Am C-3PO by Anthony Daniels. 

To join, email amanda.jones@tatteredcover.com for information and questions about the club.

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