Symphonic Band Goes to State

The symphonic band, headed by Mr. Cuthrell has earned enormous success in the 2017/2018 season. On Monday, April 16, they performed at the state competition. After an outstanding performance, they received an “excellence” rating.

   Prior to the state competition Mr. Cuthrell reflected on the band’s successful season and his thoughts heading into the competition.

“ While this is a very exciting step for our program, we work diligently to stay humble and realize that we are still building to bring our program to the level of where I think Heritage could someday reach in regards to numbers and quality….They have already won in my mind and I couldn’t be more proud”.
Only 30 bands in the entire state of Colorado are able to qualify for the state competition, so while it is a huge honor, junior Ellie Fajer says that it is a reflection of the hard work that has been put in.

“I spend a lot of early mornings and late nights practicing trumpet, so I feel like this has really been worth it”, says Fajer “19.

While the bands do not earn specific placements amongst the other bands, they do receive ratings based on their performance. The symphonic band soared above anyone’s expectations by qualifying for state and then receiving an “excellence” rating.

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