Sweet Goodbyes for LINK

The school year is coming to a close and LINK leaders from all around the school have said their goodbyes to their freshman advisories.

LINK is a LPS program that provides freshmen with a familiar face and get guidance because everyone knows high school can be intimidating at first. Heritage specifically has a very unique LINK program.

“Our LINK program is extremely lucky because we get to spend so much time with our freshmen. Arapahoe only has Advisory a few times a year and Littleton doesn’t even have a LINK program yet,” says Emma Kasahara ’17.

To start the year off on a good note, LINK puts on a pancake breakfast for the freshmen on one of Heritage’s monthly late starts.

“The upperclassmen can drive and meet each other for breakfast on these days, so this pancake breakfast brings part of this to the freshmen. It is a great time for them to socialize too,” says Kasahara.

Once first semester is coming to a close and the pressure of finals week is looming over everyone, LINK helps the freshmen study with Cram-fest. The LINK leaders are there to offer help with tricky concepts, or give good advice on test taking, or dealing with the test stress.

To leave LINK on a good note, the program puts on the ice cream social, which is meant “to give the LINK leaders and the freshmen a good goodbye,” says Ms. Solis.

Heritage’s LINK program builds strong bonds with the freshmen, and in honor of that the ice cream social is to give one last interaction between the freshmen and the upperclassmen.

LINK serving up Freshman
The LINK crew serve up ice cream for their fellow freshman. The freshman enjoy the treat, while LINK watch their freshman move on to great things.

“People interact across different ages in other clubs, but LINK particularly offers the opportunity for upperclassmen to give advice to freshmen,” says Kasahara.

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