Students reflect on 2020 through Spotify Wrapped

Spotify’s web page for 2020 Wrapped. Users on the app will go through a series of stories that showcase their Wrapped through graphs and photos.

Spotify Wrapped is the collection of data gathered from users from January 1 through October 31. However, Wrapped serves to be more for Heritage students. Instead of a collection of data, it serves as a summary of the user’s year and how they connected to music.

“Because of quarantine, music was a really good escape.  Listening to music quickly became something I did constantly even while sleeping or studying in my room,” Thomas Garcia ’21 says.

Music has had similar impacts for other students.

“Music has made me feel better in times where I wasn’t able to do the things that made me feel better.  I used music as a way to bring back memories or boost my mood when needed,” Charlotte Andersen ’21 says.

Every year, Spotify does something different or unique with the Wrapped, and this year they added new parts such as the song that got listeners through the year and a mini guessing section of their top artist and song to see if listeners know their music taste. 

“My favorite part was to learn which song and artist I listened to most because you never really pay attention to music throughout the year. It’s just neat to see the algorithms,” Andersen says.

Garcia adds on to what was cool about seeing his top songs of the year.

“My Spotify Wrapped reflected how my friends and girlfriend impacted my music taste profoundly. I didn’t realize it throughout the year but looking back, most of my top songs reminded me of the important people in my life,” Garcia says.

The musical impact that certain artists and songs have can be a personal connection to people. This year, music and the connection it has was more important than ever. 

“My top songs and artists affected me in many ways. My top song was a song in Spanish that makes me feel connected to my Mexican heritage. The classic artists that I loved all my life, like The Beatles and Frank Sinatra and throwing in newer music overall represent my diverse mindset and outlook on the world,” Garcia says.

Andersen adds to how her music reflects the emotions throughout her year.

“My top song showed me my different moods this year. My top artist, Elvis, soothed me, made me want to dance and cry,” Andersen says.

In times like these, music can make people feel less alone and be able to connect with others.

“My music made me feel like someone else could relate to the feelings we go through with our friends, our loved ones, and the issues we hide behind our mouths. It just made me think of my friends and the people I really cared about and how much all of those moments mean to me,” Andersen adds. 

In general, 2020 was a lot for many people and, overall, music was the one that really helped people get through it all.

“For me it definitely helped my mental health and was able to help me feel comfortable in the same setting for a long amount of time,” Garcia says.

Andersen adds on to how her music impacted her year.

“I don’t think I would have been able to get through it if I didn’t have my music to keep my mind at rest,” Andersen adds.

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