Students prepare to register for Fall 2021

Counseling Secretary Mrs. Becky Moody prepares registration packets in the counseling office. Students will register for Fall 2021 classes starting on February 22.

This upcoming February, students will be registering for classes for the 2021-2022 school year. However this year the process will be completely virtual. 

“Typically, we meet with each grade level in the theater during Advisory to hand out materials and discuss the process. Instead of meeting with classes and having a more hands-on registration and ICAP experience, we will be opening the registration portal in Infinite Campus for the week starting Monday, February 22,” Counselor Mrs. Candy Riegel explains.

The ICAP is the individual career and academic plan, which will be done this year in Advisory. 

Marek Carr ’25 will attend Heritage as a freshman next year. Students in the Class of 2025 have already begun registration for their classes in the fall. 

“I would say it’s a mix of excitement and nervousness because I am excited to be out of middle school and be able to try new things, but it’s a new school with new people. As I was registering, I thought about trying to pick the right classes for me to get good grades and do my best,” Carr ’25 says.

“I think registering online isn’t going to be much different, but it is harder not being able to talk to my teachers in person as much about my class selections,” says Kacie Canavan ’22. 

As a junior, Canavan ’21 has registered for three years of classes but going into senior year, she says it’s different. 

“It adds a lot of pressure. Registering for senior year classes is definitely a lot more stressful than past registrations, especially going into freshman year, where most of the courses are required and you just have to pick some fun electives. Trying to pick classes for senior year is hard since you really have to consider what classes will look good and prepare you best for college and what you may want to study in the future,” Canavan ’21 says.

Counselor Mr. Brian Powers wanted to alleviate stress from students who were concerned with college. 

“For any students who are concerned about registering online, during that last week of February, we will be showing a tutorial video in advisories and try to give students the opportunity to take care of their registration with someone there to help. And as for incoming juniors and seniors who are concerned about classes that will look the best, as a general rule colleges are looking for rigor in a student’s schedule so pick classes that push you to grow and learn,” Powers says. 

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