Students Make Summer Plans to Get Back To Normal Life

Arwyn stays in touch with her friend and plans for them to get together when it is safe.

With the end of the school year on the horizon, students are beginning to think more and more about their summer plans. When someone thinks of summer plans, they think about vacations, relaxing at home, or spending time with friends at the pool. But, due to the current circumstances, students have shifted their plans.

One of these students is AJ R. ’21. He is one of many students whose job was put on hold because of the pandemic, but it has not caused him to stress a lot.

“I’m not too worried because a couple of locations just started opening again. I guess if I am worried, it’s about forgetting how to do everything,” AJ says. He is thinking less of vacations for summer and just getting back to his routine.

A place that AJ would like to go first after the safer-at-home order is lifted is the gym. He used to go to the gym nearly every day but has been running as an alternative. However, he is focused more on his routine of going to the gym rather than the usual summer plans.

Arwyn T. ’22 expresses a similar yearning for an everyday event. She says that she wants to go to her friend’s house because her friend has been feeling lonely at this time of isolation.

She says, “We’ve definitely been texting and calling each other, sharing lots of inspirational quotes, [but] I can’t wait to head over there and cheer her up with gifts, hugs, and long-overdue socialization.”

Arwyn said that it is a little unusual for them to meet up at one of their houses, however, they still would see each other often. She wants to go to her friend’s house because it has been so long in isolation that she wants to have one-on-one time instead of going out to lunch or seeing a movie.

Despite the longer hours of sunshine, both AJ and Arwyn are not dreaming of vacations or relaxing at home for the summer but are looking forward to getting back to their everyday lives.

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