Students in fear stay strong during difficult times

Pictured above, Heritage sophomore Patrick V. describes the coping mechanisms of students during the Covid-19 pandemic. Patrick encourages students to stay strong, hopeful, and positive.

   Fear has become the typical reaction to the school situation at Heritage this year, especially among students. In the midst of all the uncertainty, students have been trying to find ways to cope. Heritage sophomore Patrick V. describes some of the challenges he’s had to overcome this year. 

   “I’m typically a relaxed person, but this year I’ve noticed I’ve been more anxious than usual. I’ve found myself being afraid of what’s gonna happen next. It’s honestly just all the uneasiness among the students getting to me personally,” Patrick says. 

   Anxiety and uneasiness have become a trend among students.

   “Students have become more uneasy this year than last year for sure. I’ve noticed small amounts of tension in classrooms from certain students that I didn’t see last year. Despite the fact there’s not a lot of social distancing going on among students in the hallways and where everybody meets outside, there’s still kids afraid. I think it’s because most of us don’t want to go fully online again,” Patrick adds. 

   He also describes what other factors could be leading to the community’s uneasiness.

   “Obviously it’s the virus going around. A lot of students live with people who are at higher risk than the average person. I live with my Grandma, and because of her age she’s at a higher risk than I am, but I still do in-person learning because my parents and I thought it’d be a better experience than going all online this year,” Patrick concludes. 

   Heritage junior Bella Williams also reflects on the students anxiety this year. 

   “I think it makes sense that students are uneasy this year compared to past years, there’s a pandemic going on. We’re also just stressed out because of the workload, adjusting to the hybrid learning this year, stuff like that.”

   Williams explains anxiety and uneasiness is to be expected with Covid-19 precautions. 

   “It’s all a little ominous. Students only see a little less than half of the school population at a time now. Plus, nobody knows whether students are enforcing their own social distancing outside of school. People could easily be bringing it in and spreading it among the rest of us,” Williams says. 

   Despite all the fear and uneasiness going around, students are still maintaining hope and staying strong describes Williams. 

   “Yeah, everybody is pretty much always on edge right now, even if it doesn’t seem like it. We’re all doing our best to stay safe though, at least that’s what I’d like to think. I have hope we’ll all get through this,” Williams concludes. 

   Fear and uncertainty are to be expected, but the community will get through it.

   “We’re all in this together, have each other’s backs, and support each other whenever somebody needs help,” says Patrick.

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