Students focus on mental health amidst pandemic

Carter P. '20 helped support student mental health by participating in HHS Virtual Spirit week. One of Carter's favorite days was "Music Monday."

With COVID-19 reaching its peak, it has become more essential than ever to try and stay connected and spread joy to the people around us. One of the main priorities that people are focusing on now is their mental health. This pandemic has become a source of outer stress, so it’s essential to focus on keeping ourselves sane throughout this period of time. 

   Heritage students have stepped up to the call, especially senior Brynn A., who has been using social media as a platform for positivity, love and tips for self-isolation. 

   “I think bringing awareness to everything is so important right now. Just because we have lost so much and I think humans were made to be social creatures. I think the lack of human connection is really getting to people. Some people used school and work to escape from bad situations. So now is a really good time to make sure that we’re checking up on our friends,” says Brynn. 

   Brynn has been picking up new hobbies to try and help fill her time with productive and fun activities to boost her mental health. 

   “I’ve been trying to pick up new hobbies and teach myself new stuff. My grandma sent me a knitting kit and I’ve also been baking a lot of yummy treats. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people! Everyone is going through the same thing at different levels. It’s important that we support each other! Also make sure you’re getting outside and feeling the sunshine,” says Brynn.

   More students are acknowledging their mental health as well, and why it is so essential to stay happy throughout this time. Some are even trying to capitalize on having a routine and a sense of organization to help them sift through the bad, and find a silver lining. 

   “We have to be able to navigate through these times. Without a good sense of mental health, it will be more difficult to do so. We need to be able to have routines and do our work, and depleted mental health will ruin those things,” says Katy C. ’21.

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