Students find the silver linings

Floren K ’20 and her Chihuahua Terrier puppy, Artemis, bond during the quarantine.

In times of strife, it can be hard to see the silver linings, especially on such a large, grey cloud. However, members of the Heritage High School community have found the benefits of the state’s stay-at-home order.

“I’ve been out in the sun more talking walks as well as getting a lot closer to my puppy,” senior Floren K.

While hope can be clouded by fear, loss and a host of other negative emotions, it’s important to gain perspective by looking at the issue as a whole and including its somewhat hidden positives.

“I think it actually has benefited me and like most things, there’s always a good and bad side. Being quarantined has allowed me to get closer to my family at a time when most kids start to drift away,” says Kahan.

During this tough transition between high school and college, which is only worsened by the pandemic, many are turning and looking inside for solace. While everyone processes and mourns loss differently, it can be beneficial to look on the bright side of life, even when it won’t stop snowing and there’s a global pandemic outside. Remember, processes, feelings and emotions during this time are valid.

“The silver lining is that I know it’ll get better, and when this is all over life will be difficult for a while, but that will get better eventually as well,” says Mason A ’20, referring to such introspection

Mason is considered an essential worker as he is employed at a King Soopers Pharmacy.

“There’s always gonna be some hope, and right now people need hope. Every day, I’m out trying to make living for other people easier,” says Mason.

It’s easy to focus on negatives when it seems like doom is surrounding, but according to these Heritage students, the key to overcoming these trying times is to find new angles of life during the stay-at-home orders.

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