Students and Staff staying busy and getting creative

The families at Heritage have figured out many fun ways to stay entertained during this time. It can be hard to decide what to do especially when nothing is open. It takes creativity and imagination to stay entertained. 

“We play in the yard, go for bike rides, plant in the gardens, paint, color, read, build Legos, play Monopoly/Battleship/Uno/Yahtzee, outfit the truck for overlanding adventures, and watch absolutely terrible youtube channels with shaky camera work about rich people with too much time and way too big of egos,” says Science teacher Mr. Behrmann.

Even though places are closed that does not mean going outside is closed. Going outside is a great way to exercise or get your energy out and do something. Mrs. Boyle and her 5 year old daughter have been doing lots to stay productive and happy during this time. 

 “We have enjoyed planting a garden, planting flowers, bike-riding,  baking,  reading lots of good books and snuggling! My daughter’s kind and generous friends and teachers also celebrated her fifth birthday with a parade. That was pretty cool,” says English teacher Mrs. Boyle. 

The students have been doing a lot also besides school to keep busy also.

“I have been going on walks and hikes with my dad. My mom also has a pool in her backyard so I have been swimming a lot. I go for runs and take my dogs also. I have been doing my homework outside also which has been awesome,” says Anika K. ’22.

Ms. Boyle and her daughter snuggle up and read some books in their home together.

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