Student Q+A

After a unique school year many Heritage students have learned to adapt. Several students were asked what they learned about themselves this year.

Compiled by Shea Vance ’22 and Elias LaFord ’22

What did you learn about yourself this year?

“I learned how much my friends and those around me mean to me and how much I enjoy spending time with them. I need to have social interaction and be around other people because online school was not good for me or my mental health”

Marisa Radow ’21

“I’ve learned to communicate better and in new ways.”

Tori Heckler ’23

“I get bored easily”

Sam Schultz ’23

“I have learned that I learn better visually rather that somebody just talking to me. It’s easier for me to learn in school that online.”

Blake Luther ’22

“I’ve gotten used to being more isolated because of the virus, and I’ve learned to interact with more people.”

Timothy Dien ’23

“I’ve found new ways to deal with my anxiety.”

Malachi Moreno ’22

“I learned that I’m resilient and I can work harder than I thought I could.”

Clara Pierce ’21

“I learned that I actually really like being alone. I’m an extrovert, but I was able to just spend hours of time completely alone, completely fine. It’s nice to have some relaxing quiet time.”

Haley Nelson ’22

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