Student Government Plans to Continue Mike Smith’s Legacy

After a successful year of bringing in guest speakers like Mike Smith and spreading important messages around the school, planning for next year’s guest speakers and lessons has already started.

“We believe that bringing in Mike Smith, showing the Harbor Videos and the Mike Smith Lessons throughout the year was very beneficial towards the advancement of school culture at Heritage. According to our big survey that over 900 students and staff participated in, we have seen a shift in what school culture means at Heritage and a shift in what Pride, Character, and Excellence means at Heritage. This shift shows that everyone is now starting to see an advancement in school culture at Heritage and a similarity in what Pride, Character, and Excellence means,” says Joe Roberts ’19 while explaining Student Government’s plans to continue Mike Smith’s legacy into future years.

This year was the first among a three year plan. This year was titled “Hear” with a goal for students and staff to hear the messages being expressed. Next year is titled “See”. The goal is to show the lessons taught from this year put into action. Student Government is planning to showcase students and groups around Heritage who are working in the school and community to bring positivity and be better, more helpful people. While keeping Mike Smith’s message in mind, there are also plans to bring in different speakers and ideas to explore more ways to do good in the community.

“The advisory lessons inspired me to share Mike Smith’s message and use it to make a change in my life. They help me try to make a difference in other people’s lives as well. The Mike Smith messages were really empowering and they made an impact on life,” says Jenna Milligan ’20.

Along with assemblies presenting new guest speakers, advisory lessons will be continued throughout next year, with two advisory lessons each semester. Student Government will pick different lessons from a selection of student created lessons which have been planned by Student Government students. While assemblies grab people’s attention in a grand manner, advisory lessons continue to grow the messages like in “Speak for the Silent, Stand for the Broken” and “Who’s your Calvin” which are talked about year round.
“Having Mike Smith come this year was a success. People knew his name, remembered his message and our goal with this was to keep his message alive throughout the entire year, which was done very successfully. We are so excited to see what Heritage Students will do next year in our second year of implementing the new school culture initiative!” says Roberts.

Mike Smith taking a selfie with Heritage students at his assembly last fall. Student Government is planning more assemblies or next fall.
Mike Smith taking a selfie with Heritage students at his assembly last fall. Student Government is planning more assemblies or next fall.

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