Student government gives insight into Pep Assembly scoring system

   Every year, after each Heritage pep assembly, there is widespread discussion over the breakdown of who got what points in the various competitions, teachers and students across the school analyzing what happened in the battle of the classes. There are even wide spread theories that the pep assemblies are “rigged” so the seniors and sophomores will win the competition.

   This year, the official breakdown of the points is as follows, according to Mrs. Brethauer.

  • Seniors – 150 points, 1st place in class song
  • Sophomores – 130 points, 3rd place in class song
  • Juniors – 100 points, 2nd place in class song
  • Freshmen – 95 points, 4th place in class song

   When asked about rigging the pep assemblies, Brethauer says, “We don’t rig our pep assemblies.”

   Student government and Brethauer take extra precautions to avoid unfair pep assemblies. There is a class song rubric, preplanned point values for winning and losing different competitions, and student government  “ensures that points are correctly awarded before and during the pep assembly” says student government member Amber Mogg ‘22.

   Brethauer even writes a letter to the judges “on neon paper, with all caps letters and big bold font” asking them to avoid favoring one class over any others.

   However, she acknowledges that the judges may favor the seniors over other classes. 

   “I ask the judges not to judge one class easier than the other classes, but the senior sympathy card is big,” Brethauer says.

   If the pep assemblies are rigged, it is not intentional, and it is not done by Mrs. Brethauer or student government.

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