Student Government collaborates to create the annual class song

The senior class performs their class song at Winter Spirit week. The senior Student Government worked for weeks to craft the winning song material.

   With the annual tradition of Winter Spirit Week comes the creation of the infamous class song. Each class’s Student Government begins the lengthy process of crafting a song that’s both catchy and fitting to the theme of the week four weeks in advance.

   Senior Student Government and Leadership member Mark Spangler describes the early stages of the writing process.

   “We will write down a bunch of songs that we think will fit the theme, this year being Hades and the Olympics for us, so for example maybe a song to do with godliness would be an option,” says Spangler.

   The list is narrowed down, members pitch their individual ideas for certain songs and the input of the entire group is utilized to refine the final cut of the song. Liberty Tyus ’20, also a member of the senior class Student Government and Leadership, reflects on how the creation of the song occurs.

   “Typically we all get into arguments over the song, but we do end up getting it done, even if it’s last-minute sometimes,” says Tyus.

   The creation of the class song is far harder than it seems, though, as Student Government members are held to several restrictions when writing the lyrics.

   “We aren’t allowed to include disses, which I honestly think is for the better. It keeps things lighter and less competitive,” says Spangler.

   Tyus adds that the most difficult part sometimes is that the song must be under 60 seconds. Spangler agrees that this can often prove to be a challenge.

   “It has to be under 60 seconds which can be a little bit tough sometimes, this year in particular,” Spangler says.

   Time can prove to be an issue too, as Student Government is busy with other Winter Spirit Week preparations, forcing them to be as efficient as possible.

   “People don’t realize we’re under a very limited amount of time to make the song,” says Tyus in response to the criticism the class song can receive from the rest of the student body. 

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