Student athletes speak on recruiting

   As several student-athletes begin to make decisions on if they are going to continue their sport through college, or make decisions on which college they’ll be playing at, it is important to address the recruiting process as a whole. There are a wide range of schools among all divisions that offer high-level athletics, and the recruiting process allows athletes to experience new things, learn the values of hard work, but most of all, to never stop working towards their goal. 

   “The best part is definitely travelling to new cities that I’ve never been to, and meeting the coaches and other recruits at those colleges. The hardest part, and my least favorite part, is that it’s really expensive, it’s a lot of work, and you’re always constantly thinking about it in your day to day life, and how it impacts the recruiting process,” says Erik Olsen ’21 on both the advantages and disadvantages of going through the process, and how it affects everything in everyday life. 

   “In football season, I have to think about it, and the plays I’m making, and how that impacts what recruiters see and think. Then towards the end of my basketball season my sophomore year was when recruiting really started and it was crazy to think about having the ability to go to a D1 college and play football,” says Olsen. The process obviously affects high school and club athletics, but it also affects an athlete’s perception of their high school experience, especially the academic side. 

   “It changes the way you think of high school in general. I have to have good grades, and need to do well on the SAT and ACT to be accepted into some of these colleges,” says Olsen. The academic side of the recruiting process is one that’s sometimes forgotten, and yet, it is an essential piece of the equation. The recruiting process can also be emotionally draining and difficult, and there are many tips that need to be remembered for success. 

   “The advice I would give is to stay patient, especially if you don’t have any offers yet. If you stay dedicated to it, those offers will come eventually,” says Olsen.

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