Student art brings color to the hallways

Especially attentive students may have noticed a bit more color when walking throughout the hallways on the first floor of Heritage as of late. This is a result of the geometric mural installation painted by students with the aid of Mr. Wade Billeisen, an art teacher at Heritage. The concept for the art came from the mind of former student Michael Brooks, who thought of the installation as a community project to help students make connections with one another and to their school.

“It started a few years ago. Myself and Michael Brooks had the idea to [do it], because the hallways are drab and don’t have a lot of color, so we wanted to figure out something that we could engage our student population with,” says Billeisen.

Hallway art pic
The first floor hallway by the art department is bursting with color. The newly added mural creates a vibrant atmosphere in an otherwise bleak setting.

“Anybody that wanted to could paint on the wall, and we had about 110 to 120 artists that worked on it. Students were able to work on off periods, if they wanted to. It was a kind of school collaboration to get people connected to the school,” he adds.

The mural on the first floor is nearly complete, but there may be more to come, according to Billeisen. Other departments may want to brighten up a bit, and Billeisen is happy to help.

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