Stewart Closes Chapter at Heritage, Begins New One at Northern Vermont University

Dr. Stewart and Mrs. Abbott in 2007, when Ms. Abbott interned for Dr. Stewart

Some books have many chapters. For Dr. Maureen Stewart, this chapter is coming to an end. Stewart has been a counselor for 26 years starting in Vermont, where she attended St. Micheal’s College gaining her undergraduate, and eventually working her way out west and arriving at Heritage. She has worked at Heritage for 16 years, starting in 2004.

“Heritage is an amazing school, I feel so fortunate that my own children had an education here. Not only an education but a sense of belonging. It’s a very special place,” says Stewart, speaking on why she came to Heritage.

Dr. Stewart works in the Counseling Office among some of her favorite faculty.

“The humor, the wit, the camaraderie are things I always appreciate as well as the desire to do more for our students,” says Stewart, noting the times with her coworkers

Floren K. ’20, theatre troupe 3759 president, comments on how Stewart affected her high school career.

“Dr. Stewart always had my best future in mind. She would start every interaction with a smile and admired the theater and art at the school so deeply,” says Floren.

Recently, Dr. Stewart procured a doctorate in leadership and educational equity focusing on Latino learners.

“The doctorate was made in order to support all families and students who may be underrepresented and making sure they have equity and access to opportunities,” Stewart says.

While Stewart may be retiring from Heritage, she is not retiring from her profession and career.

“The main reason I pursued my doctorate was that I really wanted to teach future counselors,” she says.

After her experiences with teaching people like Heritage’s own Ms. Abbott through internships, Stewart plans on becoming a full-time professor at a grad program at Northern Vermont University to further her love for teaching and counseling.

“Northern Vermont feels a lot like Heritage, that’s one of the reasons I was drawn to it.”

Additionally, Stewart plans on continuing her work with NCWIT or the National Center for Women and Information Technology. Bits and Bytes club, where Stewart is a sponsor, shares many of the same philosophies about teaching young people and women about coding.

“NCWIT is all about how we can bridge some gaps between helping women consider fields in computer science. I’m very excited to continue my work with them,” says Stewart.

Stewart runs professional development programs for counselors called Counselors for Computing which is dedicated to integrating computer science and the lessons from computing into their vocation of counseling.

Stewart comments on the many hats she got to wear at Heritage.

“I love to see when kids stretch themselves beyond what they already know and see different aspects of themselves, which is a huge part of Heritage culture,” says Stewart.

Overall, Stewart is glad to have contributed to the Eagle community and looks forward to seeing it beyond her tenure.

“What we do best at Heritage is develop that sense of belonging and, it’s important to me to see that the community of growth that we have continues to grow, ” says Stewart.

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