Sports medicine students gaining hands-on experience

Returning this year, the Sports Medicine class at Heritage focuses on prevention and care of athletic injuries. Each student completes 15 hours in the training room and three athletic events to have a hands on experience with athletic training.

“The purpose of the class is for students to see what a medical profession does with prevention and care for athletic injuries,” says Mr. Chad Hanson, Physical education teacher and sports medicine teacher.

Rhiannon Oberto, Heritage athletic trainer demonstrates the ultra sound machine for the athletic training class.
Rhiannon Oberto, Heritage Athletic Trainer demonstrates the ultra sound machine for the athletic training class.

The class is divided into six different units that focus on the main parts of athletic training. Starting off the year, the first unit, Terms, Assessments and Legal Prudence, covers different jobs in the medical field and how to stay out of court. The second unit the class studies is head, neck and spine injuries. The next unit is ankle functionality. Currently, the class is focusing on the knee and mechanisms of the knee.

“My favorite part of the class so far is the knee injury project where students present their findings in the prevention and care of different knee injuries,” says Hanson.

Along with the class time, students complete 15 hours in the athletic training room observing and assisting with athlete care. 

“My favorite part is being able to learn sports medicine in the class and in the training room and at a game,”says Ellen Best ’16.
The class will be offered to students who have completed Health, have an acceptable GPA and have proven to be responsible students. See Mr. Hanson for more information.

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