‘Songs for a New World’ fall musical opens

The cast rehearses for their shows on November 13, 14 and 15 at 6 p.m at Heritage. Another is on Nov.19 at 7 p.m at the Littleton Town Hall Arts Center, see townhallartscenter.org for more information.

The vocal music department’s fall musical,“Songs for a New World”, came together rapidly with rehearsals nearly every weekday. Whether it be memorizing harmonies or running choreography, the cast of 12 has been working tirelessly towards producing the musical.
   Cooper Causey ’21 is one member of the cast and has enjoyed going through the process smoothly with his friends. However, he explains it hasn’t been entirely easy.
   “The stresses are memorizing all of the music and being able to make it to all the rehearsals while we also have school and other commitments. It’s a lot of work,” says Causey.
   Both Causey and fellow cast member, Beth Ramsey ’21, have agreed on what makes the tough work worth it: the message.
   “This is the kind of show you watch to relate to, and it’s about being united with each other.
You’re going to go through trials, but you’ll always get back up,” says Ramsey.
   She and Causey hope that audiences look past the entertainment and see the messages of unity and endurance in the musical as well.

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