Signing Day Boasts Skilled Athletes

Athletes representing seven Heritage sports teams take part in National Signing Day on February 1. There was a total of 14 athletes taking part in the event, but there will still be more to sign with colleges as the year progresses.

On Wednesday, February 1, National Signing Day took place at high schools all over the country. This day allows many high school athletes who are continuing to be involved in their sport at the next level to formally sign to their university of choice.

At Heritage’s Signing Day, 14 athletes signed to schools all over the country. While these athletes have already formally committed to a college, there are still more who have the opportunity to do the same, and National Signing Day is by no means a cutoff date for athletes who want to continue their careers in college. Below is a list of students who took part in Heritage’s Signing Day.



  • Noah Breslaw- West Point- Soccer
  • Miranda Ciccarelli- Stonehill College- Soccer
  • Tara Guetz- Nebraska Wesleyan University- Soccer
  • Chase Hansen- Colorado School of Mines- Football
  • Katherine Harston- New Mexico State University- Swimming
  • Jacob Hilton- University of New Mexico- Baseball
  • Chayse Jimenez- South Dakota School of Mines & Technology- Football
  • James Kester- Cornell College- Baseball
  • Ashleigh Maguire- Colorado Christian University- Soccer
  • Samantha Manelis- Savannah College of Art & Design- Soccer
  • Matt McClurg- Oklahoma State University- Football
  • Casey Opitz- University of Arkansas- Baseball
  • Emma Spotts- Butler- Swimming
  • Emily Womeldorff- Lamar Community College- Softball

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