Shadow Days increase enrollment

   Without Shadow Day, Heritage would be a very different place. Shadow Day was started 10 years ago when Heritage’s enrollment started to decline due to it’s location and lack of visibility. Shadow Day was started as a way to bring in more students, but now it’s a way to help prospective student find their place.

   “The idea is that just like a college, you need to visit and pick a high school that fits your needs and that feels good to you and feels like home to you. So we welcome the eighth graders in as a chance to see our school, feel our atmosphere, and decide that we’re the best school for them. Typically once we get them in the door, they’re ours because they have such a nice day and they get a positive experience from Heritage,” says Mrs. Becky Moody.

   One thing that pulls in students is the extra touch that Moody adds to the experience.

   “I set up the days and do all the logistics. I also play because I match a student with someone who has similar interests, like newspaper or soccer, just so they have someone to talk to so that they have something in common to make them more comfortable,” says Moody.

   Another important aspect of Shadow Days is the ambassadors who manage all the shadows and make sure they have a good day.

   “We welcome all the shadows and plan out their day as well as give a presentation in the theater. We give them a tour, which is usually pretty fun, they’re usually quiet but we can get them to open up. I think Shadow Days at Heritage are especially important because Heritage isn’t really known for being great at one thing. But because of my Shadow Day I learned about the sense of family we have here, and that’s what I hope to show the shadows,” says ambassador Sam Baginski ’20.

   “I really appreciate all the students who are willing to act as shadow mentors. I know it takes a portion of their day and I know their student could be very awkward or they don’t speak because they’re nervous, but it makes a difference. The fact that they come in and they feel the warmth, the friendliness of our school just makes a huge difference in another student’s life. I’d just like to encourage everybody in the school to step up and help because I’m always looking for volunteers. And you guys sell the school. I set this up, but you guys sell it,” says Mrs. Moody.

   If you are interested in having a shadow, visit Moody in the counseling office.

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