Seniors stress over end of the semester finals

The 2020-2021 planned finals schedule week from December 13-17th. The uncertainty comes with Douglas County announcing they are not doing finals and students hoping LPS follows suite.

As the fall semester flies by, there is the uncertainty of finals happening at the end of the semester. In a normal school year, the fall semester would be the last time for seniors to have to take finals, but with online school this year that might not be the case either.

“Personally I would love the chance to not have to take as many finals, but finals have always been a part of school for me for both semesters. I think it’s almost a luxury for seniors that they don’t have to take finals second semester,” Beth Ramsey ’21 says.

Other students have similar opinions as Ramsey, but can see how seniors only taking finals once might be unfair for the other classes. Senior year is supposed to be more laid back and easier compared to other years so finals become less important as students have figured out plans for after high school.

“It’s nice to have a bit of ease your senior year, however I understand that underclassmen might feel the senior finals are unfair because there is more pressure for underclassmen. Eventually you start to get the hang of things senior year so therefore less finals are better,” Charlotte Andersen ’21 says. 

This year, first semester has been rough for students and with the semester coming to end, it is stressful to not know what finals will look like. Students feel that finals will be a lot harder due to the lack of understanding they have gotten from online school.

“I do not think there should be finals. I think there should be unit tests that test us on our knowledge of topics we learned that month since it’s fresh in our brains. I think the majority of people find online a hard way to learn and obtain the information needed for our classes.” Andersen says.

Ramsey agrees with having no finals for this semester.

“Online school has been a challenge for not only students but teachers as well. The amount of material being taught to students is significantly less – making it hard to master topics in certain classes. Along with that, learning new material and teaching over Google Meets is a hard task, finals would be a struggle for everyone involved and it would be unfair.” Ramsey says.

Senior year usually is less stressful than other years and overall a good time, but this year for a lot of seniors it feels different and finals feel a lot more stressful. 

“First semester has been hard for me. I had to balance a lot and learn a new way of learning, I believe we are all still trying to figure it out though and the stress feeling is normal,” Andersen says.

Other students feel like the year has been harder and many students could agree.

“I have never struggled with school more in my entire life. I was excited for a relaxing senior year but it’s been quite the opposite.” Ramsey describes. “Online school is not impossible. I actually think it could be something really great. But with the urgency of needing to move to a remote learning environment, I believe that it’s not enough time to have an effective way of learning in the midst of a pandemic.” 

Online learning has added more stress to finals and overall the ending of the semester would come to an easier end without finals.

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