Seniors apply for college

With college application season in full swing, Heritage seniors scramble to submit their applications on time and properly. Heritage’s Post Grad Center is busy with students asking questions and turning in transcript forms, and the majority of Heritage’s staff are busy writing letters of recommendations for their college-bound seniors.
   Senior Sam King, who is applying to 14 schools, has taken advantage of these school resources throughout his application process.
   “I think Post Grad is a huge help for anyone applying to college because they know a lot more than we do when we first start applying,” says King.
   Some students have even sought outside resources to aid in their college application process, though they still experience the same concerns in the submission process as other Heritage students.
   “I have a college coach so I haven’t used any school resources. The most stressful part of the process has been making sure everything is correct and reviewing everything before submission,” says Ashley Barker ’20.
   In addition to the undeniably lengthy applications themselves, students who wish to apply for federal financial aid must fill out the FAFSA, which requires in depth information on a family’s income, investments and savings.
   Barker, who is applying to seven schools and is submitting her applications as early as possible, comments on the process of filling out the FAFSA.
   “It took a long time and was tiring,” says Barker.
   King, who filled out the FAFSA the day of its release, was pleasantly surprised at the process.
   “I did most of it on my own, and it didn’t take as long as I expected it to,” King says.
   No matter what path students take in their college planning, the immense added stress to senior year is undeniable.
   “Getting all the applications done by a certain deadline and having that hang over your head until everything is submitted has been the biggest contributing factor in stress for me,” says King.

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