Reuter Pursues Possible Priesthood

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Reuter traveled to the Vatican City over spring break for Easter. This trip help solidify his decision to travel to Spain for a year.

This coming school year, Erik Reuter ’16 will be taking a gap year and living in Spain. But unlike other students taking time off, Reuter is taking this time to make a huge decision, whether or not to join the priesthood.

   Reuter was raised as a Catholic from the his birth, so faith is fundamental to him.

   This has permeated to very recently when he traveled to Rome over spring break to attend Easter Sunday in The Vatican City.

   “Over the trip to Rome, I really solidified the choice to go to Spain. We stayed with one disciple over there, much like I would be doing in Spain. It was very peaceful and it was the peace that made me want to go,” says Reuter.

   Reuter is scheduled to leave around August 20 for Madrid. He will be staying with a group called the Disciples of the Heart of Jesus and Mary.

   “The main purpose of the year is to live with a community of priests and through living with them discern whether or not I would want to become a priest myself,” says Reuter. “I’ve always felt awe struck towards religious life. I really want to take a year and make sure I’m making the right decision.”

   He is going to Spain for this adventure to further immerse himself in Spanish culture. His family has hosted students from Spain in the past and he has taken Spanish language classes from a very young age. He will take classes at a university over there to improve his Spanish and engage in some philosophy classes later on.

   With the support of friends and family, Reuter is excited to take on this 10 month journey.

   “I think it’s really cool that he’s following his dreams, and I really do hope he finds what he’s looking for,” says Jake Kisabeth ’16, a good friend to Reuter.

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