Reusable Straws won’t save our Planet

Art by Savannah Brown

Environmentalism has clearly been growing with each year, but how much of it is actually making a change? The idea that each individual doing one thing different can make a large enough impact, rather than a few major corporations making big changes just doesn’t make sense.

For example, a big and popular environmentalist move has been about straws. Metal straws have become more common, and Starbucks is steering away from them.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientifical, and Cultural Organization, “Plastic debris causes the deaths of more than a million seabirds every year, as well as more than 100,000 marine mammals.”

So, while straws are a major issue, this focus of environmentalism isn’t near the main issue. Straws are seemingly curtaining the major polluters; big corporations with large factories and businesses. These companies are the real polluters, and the entire straw thing seems more like a “fake” form of environmentalism. While it is still beneficial, its impact is not great enough and, in my opinion, it is focusing on the wrong and small part of a larger issue.

Rather than just criticize people, I want to offer solutions. For example, eating less beef or carpooling to school can help the environment. Go to to learn more tips on environmental sustainably.

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