Real world teachings- Personal Finance

Personal financing. It is a crucial role of “adulting” and here at Heritage High, we offer a personal financing class.
“This class was super helpful to be able to fully understand budgeting, so in the long term I can be able to set real and attainable goals for budgeting,” says Calista Bannik ’18.

This class is structured to be hands on and all about learning experiences.

“The units that we cover include: goal writing, career development, paychecks, banking, credit and identity theft, insurance needs and housing and renting costs.  Students also track their spending for three weeks, plan a vacation for a week with all costs involved, compare housing costs of various living situations and look at costs of renting an apartment and furnishing that apartment,” says Barbara Bolen, Practical Arts teacher.

“I remember when we did this project on planning a trip. We received a certain amount of money as a budget, and it was actually really hard to find an airline, rental car, and hotel under the budget,” says Bannik ’18.

Students need to know how to set real obtainable budgets before they get out of high school. This class is aimed to open the eyes of high schoolers and help to prepare for life’s journey.
“I want students to become better consumers in their financial life. This is truly a life skill class,” says Bolen, Practical Arts teacher.

“Start saving at a young age and try to have as little debt as possible. Financial planning is not hard. People make it hard,” says Bolen on a few tips for students to keep in mind as they become more financially responsible. 

Personal Finance
Mrs. Bolen teaches her class life lessons that they all will need. The students who take this class feel like they grow more knowledgeable of the real world.

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