Progressive Club implemented at Heritage

Progressive Club President discusses politics with AP US Government teacher. The Progressive Club debates current events and participates in political community outreach.


The recently established Progressive Club at Heritage High School allows students to debate their beliefs.

The Progressive Club primarily seeks to educate students on the significance of politics in American lives and participate in community events to engage the general public. In the coming year, the club will work on campaigns and assist citizens register to vote, as well as host lively discussions regarding current political events. The club was founded on the concept that a more politically knowledgeable student body at Heritage will inevitably lead to an enhanced school, local and national community.

Founder and President Miles Hersch ’19 says, “We want to try to make a positive change in our community. Kids are often apathetic and do not participate in politics. I want tell them why they should care, what their politicians are saying, and why it is important to them.”

Club sponsor and Guidance Counselor Mrs. Stewart seeks to support student driven organizations.

“In light of the current political climate, young people are becoming more interested in government and politics and current issues. I appreciate [Hersch’s] desire to start a club to bring students together who want to become informed on different platforms,” says Stewart.

Some have speculated that the Progressive Club is intended to be a response to Turning Point USA, but Hersch disagrees.

“Turning Point USA takes a different point of view on a lot of issues and focuses on government limitations and economic freedoms. They focus on conservative topics that can be resolved by conservative remedies. Although the club is a member of High School Democrats of America, Progressive Club educates more generally on all issues and evaluates all potential solutions,” says Hersch.

The Progressive Club meets each Tuesday after school until 3:30 P.M. in the Second Floor Lecture Hall.

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