People react to new vaccine

Heritage senior, Thomas G, is shown after receiving the vaccine.

 Even with the new COVID vaccines approved, many people may still have some reservations about taking it.  The two, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines approved in the US, are both mRNA vaccines which use the messenger RNA found inside all living human cells. This means that all the vaccine does is communicate to the immune system to produce COVID- specific antibodies. This is in contrast to live vaccines, such as the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine, which actually contains a weakened yet live version of the real thing. This means, in practice, that a COVID vaccine cannot cause the Coronavirus or the symptoms caused by it,  according to Wexner Medical and the CDC.

The clinical trials for both brands have reported 94% effectiveness rating, according to CNN Health. People who have received the vaccine can still transmit the disease. This means while it is less likely to spread, people who have been vaccinated shouldn’t throw out masks and other COVID precautions just yet. The vaccine can still grow in the nasal passageway faster than the body can attack it. Like anything new, many in the public are still skeptical about how safe the vaccine really is and if the government could have ulterior motives.

“I’ll take it once you can actually prove Kamala Harris took it,”  challenged  former Heritage student Charlie Ellis.

There are also some people concerned about if we can trust what is actually in the vaccine. 

“I don’t trust it with how the government is today,” another anonymous skeptical student pointed out.

However, many tests have shown this new, albeit rushed vaccine to be relatively safe. 

Some people have reported muscle aches and pains in the days after they have been given the vaccine, but serious reactions are uncommon. The worst case scenario is that someone is allergic to the vaccine, in which case it could be especially dangerous for them to take it. Since the vaccines do not contain  the most common sources of allergies such as types of food, latex, or pollen, only people who have a history of being allergic to vaccines or similar medications should be concerned.  However, anyone who does have an allergic reaction will have it within 15 minutes of receiving the dose, and there should be someone in the facility who is prepared to deal with any negative reaction to the dose, assured Wexler Medical. The CEO of BioNtech said that their vaccine probably will be effective against the new COVID strain, but further testing is needed to more accurately determine how much protection the vaccines have against any new strains.  The new vaccines appear to be  safe and very effective. In addition, according to the GoodPX drug site, the government will foot the bill. Therefore, there is no good reason for most people to not get the new vaccine.

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