Pamela Gigiento Explores her style through High School

  Walking down the halls of Heritage High School, four of Pamela Gigiento’s paintings can be seen in the art showcase, one painting among them won the first place senior art award. This particular painting features an angel, characterized with harmonious shades of icy blue, and the treatment of her skin makes it look like porcelain that would fall into pieces with one touch. But a picture is worth a thousand words:

Pami Art

Pami is an artist that resists guidelines for herself, and explores her creativity without limitations.  

  “If it looks ‘pretty’ or ‘cool’ then I go with it,” states Pami.

  Mr. Bernal also aids in creating an environment where students are free to explore their unique styles.  

  “Mr. Bernal is an amazing teacher and in response to that he served more as artistic support because he really loosened the reins and let me do whatever I wanted in the class (for better or worse,” says Pami.

  Mr. Bernal describes the structure of the class.

  “Class time wise we had 6 weeks. Each day there was 10 minutes of prepping, and 30 minutes of painting. For Pami this was plenty of time to create her art work inside of class,” states Mr. Bernal.

  These works of art represent how Pami has developed her own style and embraced her quirks  throughout these four years of high school.

  “To develop your own style I believe you should take note of other’s artwork to better yourself and see what you like and dislike about it. I love anime and that is incorporated in my style.”

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