Occurrences of Otherworldly Nature: Part Two


   The three of us, sipping our coffee as we dropped Skye off at the band room and Sunny at the theater, worked our way around both floors, until I ended up at the student study area, where Val and Winston were. Val was scribbling notes in her newspaper notebook, most likely being story ideas, blatantly ignoring Winston.

   “Hello Ainsley, would you be interested in a new informative booklet of mine?” Winston handed me what was clearly the pamphlet he had me print last weekend. He only made fifteen this time, which I was glad for, as his “work” took large amounts of my time that could be put to other accounts. The title read something like “Elect Winston as Future Leader of the World”, despite there not being a Student Government election or even a political election soon. I don’t even think “Leader of the World” is a real position. Every time someone in our grade walked by, he handed them a pamphlet coupled with a peppy greeting, and most of them walked by faster as to avoid the propaganda.

   Val closed her notebook and grabbed a pamplet, flipping through absent-mindedly, and bursting into laughter every so often. “Winston, this has to be the best political propaganda you’ve made yet! It’s even more vague and questionable than the last!” 

   Winston stands to take a bow, the charm Val put on him having been removed. He opens his mouth to issue an over the top speech, when a member of the administration comes around the corner. Winston, in one rushed movement, grabs his bag and pamphlets, and heads off away from us at alarming speed. Distributing informational booklets of any form, especially political, was prohibited on school property, but that hasn’t stopped Winston yet.

   Val rolled her eyes. “Someday he’ll actually get caught just for being highly suspicious.”

   “I feel like the admin already knows about his political ambition, and just doesn’t know what to say to it,” I said, watching the admin head off on their way, paying no attention to Winston’s hurried exit.

   I heard one of the nearby classroom doors open, and Val waved in its direction. “Come over here already!” she says, waving someone over.

   A boy approaches us hesitantly, his dark blue hair reflecting the fluorescent lights overhead. “Ainsley, this is Salem. He’s on the newspaper staff with me,” Salem looked content with the introduction and waved to me.

   “Hi Salem,” He smiled shyly and avoided my eye contact. “Wait, we have Artistic Study together, right? I feel like I’ve seen you there.”

   “Yeah,” Salem replied. “You’re the one who refused to draw anything of your own magic, if I remember right. You made one of the other boys do something magical so you could draw it.”

   That day was fun. I made Nox cast a small darkness sphere for me to draw with charcoals, and one of the girls had to help dissipate it when I was done, as Nox couldn’t make it go away. “Yeah, well it’s nice to meet you, Salem.”

   The bell rang overhead, directing us to make our ways to class, at whatever pace suited us during the short passing period. Val stood quickly and grabbed her bag, I followed suit. “Bye Ainsley, bye Salem. Have a good day!” Val said as she headed into the hallway, her light blue hair bouncing as she left.

   I adjusted the straps on my bag and turned to Salem. “See you in class, it was nice to talk to you.”
  “You too Ainsley.”

   I turned and walked away, leaving Salem behind. I hear him turn and walk away as well after a moment, heading in the opposite direction as I.

Want to read more? Stay tuned for future updates continuing the story!

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