Heritage Idol hits the stage

This is it. The chance is finally here. Heritage will see who has what it takes to climb to the top and become a singing star.

This year Heritage will be holding its very first three week singing competition: Heritage Idol.

Auditions will be held on April 13. Much like the television show, auditions are performed in front of a panel of three judges who will decide who goes onto the main competition.

“We want people from all over the school to come audition,” says Mr. Fischer, choir director and the manager of this event.

On April 20, the main competition begins. Audience tickets will be less than 5 dollars. Passing contestants will require no admission fee. Anyone who pays for a ticket can join the audience to see a recorded recap of the auditions. Passing contestants will each sing a power ballad on stage and the audience will vote to decide who goes onto the final round. The final round on April 27 will have the top contestants sing a pop hit with the audience vote deciding the true “Heritage Idol.”

When the winner is selected, the singer will return onstage to perform one final song. The winner will also receive three hours in a professional recording studio.

The judges unite. They are determined to find the best singer in all of Heritage.

The judges will be Mr. Fischer, Mr. Keena and Ms. Gustafson. Even though the event has yet to begin, the judges are getting into it already.

“I think I’m like Simon. His ultimate goal is to get the best out of the performer, but he has a low tolerance for nonsense,” says Mr. Keena.

“I think I can make a good Paula Abdul because her curves resemble my curves,” says Fischer.

“I use the process of elimination. Simon was experienced, but he was rude. Paula was experienced but couldn’t deliver her thoughts articulately. Randy was experienced and articulate, and that’s what I plan to be,” says Ms. Gustafson.

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