New construction set for LPS

  Recently, Littleton Public schools got a $298 million bond, and therefore there is new construction and renovations happening around LPS and Heritage. The main things that will be changing at Heritage are two new turf fields, a new stage in the theater, maintenance around the school, and new furniture. Most of this will be happening during the summer and fall. Heritage has been able to be the goal of most LPS schools. With our innovative furniture that makes classrooms very flexible for students to learn in, other schools are using the ideas already in place at Heritage. Terry Davis, director of operations, maintenance and construction at Littleton Public Schools has been working with LPS schools to improve them.

   “Heritage is our example for other schools. The different furniture that Heritage has is what we to have and expand to other schools,” says Davis.

The INCubator room and library are great examples of this expansion. The different pieces in these rooms have and will help the flexibility of learning for all students.   

   Another change will be the new turf fields. The turf going on the current football field will also come with lighting for the field, which will greatly benefit students. Stacey Riendeau, Heritage’s principal who has also been implementing many of the new and innovative ideas at Heritage, tells the greatest advantages of the new fields.

   “Because students will be able to play home games at Heritage more, they will have more time to be home, with their families and do homework…. Also, students will have a better sense of pride and community by playing at home on their fields,” says Riendeau.

   Separate from these changes, the Heritage theater will also be having the stage completely taken out and replaced. Along with this major change, there may be new audio and visual changes to improve the theater program. Because the AMES facility is being torn down, the technology will be transferred to Heritage and possibly implemented for the next school year.

   Overall, all LPS high schools will be getting two new turf fields, and all middle schools with one. Also Options is getting a new field, which will be beneficial to that program too. Mainly, the examples Heritage has set with unconventional and valuable change will be replicated throughout LPS, and Heritage students have much to look forward to in the upcoming school year Thanks to the diligence of LPS and HHS, students will have a new, flexible and welcoming learning environment.

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