Music now playing in the hallways

This is a screenshot of the form that students can fill out if they have song suggestions. The staff will review the suggestions and select which songs will be played on Fridays

Music plays over the intercom in the mornings before the first period as well as during passing periods at Heritage High School. On Fridays, non-explicit  song suggestions can be submitted via an online form which can be accessed through a link in the Google Classroom for Advisory. However, it is still at the discretion of the staff on what to play. 

The decision to play music during mornings and in between classes was an initiative taken on by the administration in order to add a small pleasant change. This was sparked by a year of having to put up with Covid-19 regulations which have significantly curbed both classroom time and school-sponsored extracurricular activities. 

“The decision was made to play music in the mornings before school and during each passing period in an effort to make the school feel like a warm and welcoming environment again. This is a decision that was made with the social and emotional well being of students in mind. Just this morning alone, we already noticed a very distinct difference in the ways that students were interacting with each other,” commented Mr. Woodman on the topic. 

While any initiative by the administration to improve day to day operation at Heritage may seem like a welcome one, many students and teachers are critical of the music. One such criticism of the music is its quality. The music is played from a phone or computer near the intercom. As such, the quality seems to be  much poorer than anyone is used to.

“The audio of it was pretty bad. You have to have quality speakers otherwise it makes it worse,” said Mark Warsinske ’22.

The poor quality of the music can be particularly bothersome to some students. 

“It’s inconvenient and it’s not very loud either, it’s like this whisper song,” added Heritage student Emilee Cirbo ’22. 

Another criticism of the music is that it disrupts other conversations that students have in the hallways. The masks already make conversation difficult and with sometimes distracting music playing, it can make chatting with friends even more inconvenient. 

 “I talked to the PLC (Professional Learning Committee Members) and nobody likes it. Between the masks and the music I can’t hear anything,” said Social Studies teacher  Mr. Broyles. 

However, even though a large number of students and teachers dislike the new change for a variety of reasons, for some, the new music has still had its intended effect.

“ I think that hearing music being played over the speakers helps lift my mood at school. Whether I like the song or not, it’s still kind of nice to be introduced to new music while waiting for classes to start,” noted Bailey Stugart ’22. 

While many people are critical of the new change made by the administration, they have at least sent the message that they care. They are willing to try new things and new ideas in order to tweak Heritage in the right direction whenever they see the chance. 

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