Ms. Baca Retires

Baca helps her students during one of her math classes.
Baca helps her students during one of her math classes.

Among Heritage’s large and talented teaching staff is Ms. Baca, a math teacher and former coach. After 23 years at Heritage, and 33 years teaching, she is retiring.

“I want to retire while I still like teaching. I want to see what else is out there. I’ve essentially been in school since I was 5,” jokes Baca.

Her many years of teaching have certainly paid off, giving her lots of experience.
“I liked having her as a teacher. I feel like I learned a lot in her class,” comments Benny Spiegel-Chen ’18.

While she does still enjoy teaching, she does not want to teach long enough to potentially wear down that enjoyment. Baca also has plans for after retirement.

“I’m going to spend time with family. I want to do lots of travelling and play lots of golf,” says Baca.

That being said, Baca still thinks she’ll miss Heritage.

“I’ll miss the people, students and staff. I want to keep in touch with people here. Working with students is my favorite part.    You get so many personalities, and it’s fun to interact with them. It keeps me young,” says Baca.

She won’t miss everything about teaching at Heritage, however.

“I certainly won’t miss getting up early,” she jokes.

Ms. Baca had a significant impact while at Heritage, and now it’s time to wave her goodbye, and wish her good luck in her future endeavors.

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