Mrs. Stahley retires from Heritage

   Mrs. Meg Stahley, an English teacher who has filled almost every position in the English Department, has been teaching for 28 years.  
   “I looked forward to walking in the building every day.  I love my colleagues, my students and the entire staff because they are truly my family and I am proud of my eagle family.  I was blessed to be here for so long,” Stahley says.
   A fellow teacher, Mrs. Amanda Hurley, described her experiences with Stahley.
   “Stahley started a tradition in the English Department around lunch time. She created an environment for teachers to collaborate, share and laugh. This simple move instantly set an atmosphere of family that has continued to this day,” Hurley says.
   In all her years of teaching, Stahley has tried to impart many things into the curriculum, but one thing overall:
   “Teaching English is teaching communication.  Every job relies on communication.  With a heavy emphasis on writing and speaking, I wanted students to communicate clearly beyond a classroom,” Stahley added.

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